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It is said that cats have 9 lives. I have not reached this number yet – and I am not a cat – but I have had the chance to change jobs, or even lives, several times. And, even more frequently, to find solutions to improve existing situations. Most often by choice, sometimes compelled, but always by making the most of these opportunities.

Keeping self-confidence, finding it, or rather regaining it, is an essential prerequisite for facing challenges that come our way.

To rediscover this power we know is within us, to explore new paths, to be innovative in our own way, to know how to integrate our values to ensure we make the right decisions, to dare to act, these are the challenges I invite you to meet.

Each change, each disruption, each transition is a unique opportunity to acquire new skills, to experiment, to move beyond routines, to explore new horizons and to discover ourselves.

My clients

Often passionately committed to their job, or the one they would like to exercise, motivated and efficient, with a deep desire to be useful, seeking at all costs to solve problems, sometimes to the point of burnout, I support my clients in the search for solutions in accordance with their values, to regain optimal efficiency with calm and serenity, by reducing stress, by permitting a better understanding of the circumstances, of themselves, of their entourage and by clearly improving communication in the business and family environment.

Andreas Merényi - career & life transition coach

In a nutshell

  • Master of Science MSc, 1982
  • international projects coordinator, Reuters Europe
  • IS manager, Barclays Bank Switzerland
  • CTO, vice director, UOB / UEB / BNP Paribas
  • Head of the Operations & Infrastructure Division, DPSI, state administration
  • Entrepreneur :
    • IT start-up in macro-economic forecasting (unfinished project, but what learnings!)
    • start-up in banking IT solutions
    • art gallery
    • ceramic studio
    • tourism-related infrastructures
  • Master of laws, MLaw, 2018
  • consultant in cybercrime
  • certified ICF ACC coach

My support

Specialised in coaching executives facing important work changes – change of team, hierarchy, position, company or in a life transition – I am happy to coach people with other types of work issues, with a similar profile: a strong will to take the necessary actions to find solutions and a willingness to devote the necessary energy.

Thanks to my experiences on a deliberately atypical path, and my coach certification, I offer you the opportunity to apprehend your topics under a new perspective, another insight, so you can give yourself the freedom to initiate a paradigm shift, in accordance with your true values.

✔ Over 30 years of international management and entrepreneurship
✔ ACC ICF certified Coach   ✔ InterQualia® certified consultant   ✔ Mental Fitness Coach in Positive Intelligence

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Professional coaching for executives,. Career changes, positive Intelligence and Mental Fitness trainer. Professional certified coach.
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