Career change & life transition

Professional & personal development coaching

Executives, Entrepreneurs and Self-employed

Life and Career transition

When can I help you ?

In case of :

    • doubts related to a professional change – restructuring, change of team, management, position, company
    • career change and life transition transition
    • crisis situations, stress
    • communication problems – at work and in the family

To enable you to :

  • redefine your life project
  • regenerate your self-confidence
  • develop your independence
  • make the most of your skills
  • reduce stress, find peace and serenity
  • finally launch this project that is close to your heart

In what format ?

Through personal coaching video-sessions worldwide. Face-to-face sessions are also welcome in Switzerland, in Geneva, Lausanne and Yverdon-les-Bains.

Have you ever felt like

  • leading a different life
  • having a meaningful job
  • taking more time for yourself
    being less stressed, more at ease

. . . and to tell yourself that

  • you will never succeed
  • it’s too complicated, too hard
  • others do better
  • it will always be better tomorrow and that you just have to wait

. . . and finally

to brood so much over the problem, to the point of not deciding anything at all

I offer personalised support to help you find a better work-life balance,
focused on what you need most

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