Career transition coaching

Coach for senior executives and managers

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Effective coaching

    • to define the next stage of your career
      and grow professionally
    • to take advantage of a new assignment, a restructuring, a change of team, management, position or company
    • for a successful a career change or a life transition

To help you

  • to untangle the web of your thoughts
    and define your project with clarity
  • to fully exploit your skills
    you have acquired through your many years of experience
  • to reduce stress
    find peace and serenity
  • to launch your project

How are you going to be coached ?

Through personal coaching video-sessions worldwide. Face-to-face sessions are also welcome in Switzerland, in Geneva, Lausanne and Yverdon-les-Bains.

Do you feel the need

  • to get some perspective on your professional situation ?
  • to think seriously about your next career step ?
  • to review your priorities ?
  • to have a job that is meaningful and in line with your values ?
  • to take more time for yourself ?
  • to be less stressed and more at ease ?
  • to confront your ideas ?

. . . and finally

to brood so much over the problem, to the point of not deciding anything at all ?

I offer you personalised my support
in writing the next chapter of your perfect career

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