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Career transitions and break-up processes

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Life & Career Transitions

Rupture Processes

Certified Coach

What’s actually truly important to you ?

transition coach in switzerland

Change your life – change job
succeed in adjusting your environment
or develop the potential and motivation of your teams

Living in harmony with our values – Finding sources of fulfillment in our work
Taking on new challenges – Enhancing our experiences
Restoring a work-life balance – . . .

Not always easy to figure out what to do. What can be done to satisfy these fundamental human needs ?

  • Move up a gear seeking new challenges matching your skills
  • Start at last this career transition you’ve been dreaming of for so long
  • Break up your daily routine, whether at work or at home, and take control of your future
  • Enjoy and develop yourself in your work
  • Build a harmonious and successful team

What they think / how they feel about it :

Coaching, a powerful tool to explore your emotions, clarify your goals and achieve your aspirations.

The Coach, a trusted support allowing you to confront your apprehensions, discover your action potential and realise your dreams with confidence and serenity.

Efficient and motivating

Coaching allows you to unleash your potential, set yourself achievable goals and achieve them efficiently

Co-creative and personalised

Coaching focuses on listening to your personal needs and goals, allowing co-creative solutions enhanced by mutual ideas and experiences

Respectful and confidential

No judgment is ever made, be it cultural, ethnic, sexual, political, religious or philosophical. Let yourself be yourself !

free coaching

A trustful relationship is really important. To make sure we can work together, to make sure you can tell me about your problems. That's why the first contact session is free of charge. You then have the choice to carry on, or not 😉

So give it a try. It's a win-win situation !

Need more information ?

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Certification : Coaching Square Swiss   Coaching Square Swiss certified

Coach in Switzerland - Lausanne & Yverdon-les-Bains -  and online everywhere else. Life transitions and rupture processes coaching. ICF professional certified coach.
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