Reinventing your tomorrow

Achieve your professional transition successfully
Dare to rupture when necessary

The road to the future leads us smack into the wall. We simply ricochet off the alternatives that destiny offers. ― Jacques Yves Cousteau

transitions and rupture processes coaching

A deeply changing world

Dreams of another life, a career transition, a new position, a company undergoing transformation (relocation, merger, split) …

… returning to the workplace after a parental break, divorce, emancipating children …

… the questionings in your forties, fifties or even sixties …

… so many life transitional situations, break-up processes, intended or suffered by the majority of us. Nothing really prepares us for these situations.

 Yet it takes clear ideas, courage and tenacity to embark on such a process… and to succeed !

Alternatives & Transitions idea is based on a surprising observation: we are not prepared for the various crises and break-up situations we encounter in our lives.

Most of the time, we find ourselves alone in front of our doubts, our hopes, our dreams, in facing irony, skepticism and criticism from those around us.

atteindre nos objectifs avec inventivité

What they think about it :

For you . . .

coaching en processus de transition et de rupture

who need to :

  • reinvent your future
  • understand the issues
  • be clear about your motivations
  • explore options
  • fulfill your dreams and ambitions

and are not among those who :

  • don't want to get out of their comfort zone
  • don't really want to figure out solutions
  • expect to receive ready-made solutions

and . . .

Le coaching pour qui ?

you who :

  • have a dram, a desire or an ambition
  • doubt the legitimacy of your project
  • face the misunderstanding of your relatives and friends
  • have difficulties handling a crisis
  • are scared to make a choice

and question :

  • your true needs
  • the options at your hand
  • the risks and opportunities
  • the impact on those close to you
  • the reversibility of the process
  • the reliability of your approach

To assist you in the analysis and implementation of your professional transition process
Alternatives & Transitions provides personalised support
from a certified professional ACC ICF coach and InterQualia® certified consultant

Free introductory session

The first contact and the problem description, generally lasting between half an hour and 45 minutes, is free of charge, with no obligation to carry on with a working session if you do not wish to do so

Can be stopped at any time

Coaching sessions can be stopped at any time, either because you've reached your goal faster than expected or because you simply don't feel like it anymore

Number of sessions agreed upon
The number of sessions, for a given theme, is agreed during the first session. If new themes arise during the sessions, we will analyse them together and decide whether or not to adapt the number of sessions

3 sessions pack

Individuals* 150.-frs  Businesses** 263.-frs / session***

10% discount from the 4th session onwards. Other currencies at the current rate

A clear vision of the real objective

At the end of this step, you will have disentangled the sometimes contradictory objectives preventing you from making a decision.

You will be reassured by the significance of your approach. You will have identified what is really essential for you in your project. You will know how to tackle it from its different perspectives, both factual and emotional.

Clarifying the existing situation

This step will give you a clear picture of the current status of the project, highlighting what has already been achieved and what remains to be done.

You will show greater confidence when it comes to outlining the status of your project.

Exploring resistance areas, difficulties and limiting beliefs

Your mind will be more free-flowing because you will have considered them honestly and seriously, including the belief system that prevents you from evolving freely.

Once you have completed this crucial stage of a successful transition or break-up process, you will no longer feel that lump in your stomach when it comes to dealing with the potentially sensitive points of your project.

Your envrionment resources and potential

Entrepreneur's sense of loneliness is a recurring theme in my coaching sessions.

Discovering your environment resource potential will help you to always feel connected to the world, discovering sometimes unexpected support to achieve your goal.

Options, solutions and favored picks

Exploration of possible alternatives, catalogues of solutions and priority choices. Probably the most motivating step. It allows you to explore the range of possibilities.

Your self confidence will be strengthened as you will have decided on the best possible solution taking into account all the available parameters.

Plan et suivi

A stage that is sometimes underestimated, the planning of the implementation of the chosen solution and monitoring tools is, however, the realization of all the previous ones.

Every step you take will motivate you even more in the success of your challenge.

In the end: to be clear with the issues and with yourself

Thanks to our collaboration, you will have a clear vision of your challenge and will be able to take sensible decisions.

You will have discovered what drives you and be aware of the alternatives.

Your motivation will be boosted no matter what choices you make, because you will have taken control of your future.

* indivuals: personally paid sessions
** companies: company-paid sessions
*** sessions between 1h et 1h½. I prefer a session rate rather than an hourly, or even minute rate. Things are clear and there is no stress during the sessions: use all of the time you have, without having to look at your watch... or your wallet...

or you can book your free exploratory session here

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