Motivation / Re-motivation

Restoring meaning to our job

motivation coaching

Remain professionally motivated, over the long term

Maintaining enthusiasm over the years

Feeling that our work has meaning

Knowing that we are needed…

. . . that has always been a challenge !

and the COVID-19-related health crisis further accentuates the problem, with its share of insecurities, questions, stress and even fears

Bringing meaning back to what we do

Some people prefer to reset the meters to zero and start again on new bases. They will assess the situation, set new goals and start a new project. Professionally, they will want to change jobs, companies or even careers. The more motivated and better prepared will succeed.

Today, however, things are unfortunately no longer so clear-cut. The health crisis, the economic uncertainty, the anguish of not being able to find another job, the ever-increasing demands for flexibility – to be “Agile” – are pushing others to find solutions, without making too risky or too radical decisions.

There is no good or bad choice. It is a very personal approach that has to fit to the best our character and our capabilities at the time we have to make the choice.

  • adapt our work environment – especially if we have to work from home –
  • maintain a balance between our professional and private lives so that we can fully dedicate ourselves to both
  • find a way to grow in our current company in a way to re-motivate ourselves or to keep our motivation intact

these are some issues that deserve our attention.

Team motivation and remotivation

Businesses, especially mid-sized firms, also face difficult challenges.

  • Survive the crisis by not, or at least minimally, proceeding with layoffs or part-time work
  • involve its employees in the crisis management process
  • making the best use of everyone's skills - which has always been an objective, but has become essential today, especially with a reduced number of employees
  • retain employee – the crisis will not last forever
  • reduce absenteeism and presenteeism
  • develop innovative ideas and new business opportunities

A remotivation coaching program, be it for yourselves or of your teams, can usefully be complemented by an InterQualia Competency Assessment of your talents or those of your employees. This assessment is advisable depending on your specific needs, but is of course not mandatory.

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