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Succeed in handling an increasingly VUCA* environment :

Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous

Effective professional coaching helps implementing an action and improvement plan adapted to your personal context, as it is lived and perceived.
  • It encourages thought about situations encountered in the work environment – and sometimes their impact on family life – and considers adapted behaviors . . . .
  • . . . provides simple keys to understanding interpersonal, transversal and managerial relationships . . .
  • . . . and provides conceptual inputs and grids for the development of skills and interpersonal communication.
There is no right or wrong choice. It is an approach that is very personal to us and that must match to the best of our character and our possibilities, at the time we have to decide.
Professional coaching is focused, on the one hand, on practical actions and results to be achieved and, on the other hand, on the needs of the client and his specific professional context.
It involves a dual approach of successive experimentation and awareness raising : phases of thinking and sharing during the sessions, followed by phases of action and feed back between them.
  • explore practical solutions for identified issues
  • Develop new skills to remain efficient in a VUCA* environment.
  • adjust our work environment – especially if we have to work from home –
  • to achieve a work-life balance that allows us to enjoy both our professional and private lives to the fullest
  • to progress in our company in order to motivate ourselves or to stay motivated/li>

These are a few topics that deserve our attention.

What other avenues would you like to explore to find meaning in your work ?

Team management and re-motivation

Companies, especially SMEs, also face difficult challenges.

  • survive the crisis by not, or at least minimally, proceeding with layoffs or short-time work.
  • involve employees for a more effective crisis management
  • making the best use of everyone's skills – which has always been an objective, but has become essential today, with often a reduced number of employees – 
  • retaining employees – the crisis will not last forever
  • reduce absenteeism and presenteeism
  • develop innovative ideas and new business opportunities

What other areas do you need to address ?

A professional development and team management coaching process can be advantageously combined with an InterQualia Skills Assessment. Such an assessment may be advisable according to your specific needs, but is of course not mandatory.

or you can directly book your free exploratory session here

* VUCA : an acronym originally developed by the U.S. military after the fall of the USSR. It sums up the new situation of the world after this upheaval, and by extension the situation of today's professional world, which has become Volatil, Uncertain, Complex  and Ambiguous.

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