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When can I help you ?

In case of :

    • doubts related to a professional change – restructuring, change of team, management, position, company
    • career transition or change
    • crisis situations
    • stress
    • professional communication difficulties

To enable you to :

  • redefine your professional life goals
  • regenerate your self-confidence
  • positively convert the existing crisis and make the necessary changes
  • develop your leadership
  • discover optimal decision-making techniques
  • make the most out of your skills
  • reduce stress, find calm and serenity

In what format ?

Through personal coaching video-sessions worldwide. Face-to-face sessions are also welcome in Switzerland, in Geneva, Lausanne and Yverdon-les-Bains.

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You like above all a job well done and you want it to be useful to others.

You are attentive to the feelings and needs of your teams and partners.

You have a high Emotional Intelligence potential and you have learned to trust your intuitions, which you know how to use successfully.

But the changes underway demotivate you and you no longer feel recognized in your vision of the job.

You are motivated, pragmatic, autonomous

You are often an inspiration to those around you.

You are efficient and you make sure to achieve the objectives set with your teams. You are able to mobilize a lot of energy to solve a problem that you consider important.

To the point of getting stuck or perhaps doing too much. The stress induced by the current changes makes you fear burnout.

You are flexible and adaptable.

You know how to bring consensual solutions to relationship problems. However, you increasingly have the impression that you are not being listened to.

And now you feel that you need to take stock...
and develop a new approach to find the right solutions for your evolution.

In order to achieve that, you need a customized support to achieve your career transition,
focused on your specific issue

Need more information ?

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