Life coaching for cancer survivors

Building a new life balance

Returning to work after a cancer

Use your experience as a springboard beyond cancer

travail apres cancer

How I can help you

Use the experience you have gained to survive your cancer to :

    • regain your self-confidence
    • redefine your priorities
    • create a new balance
    • give sense to your work
    • rebuild your professional life

How I will support you

Through personal videoconference coaching sessions all over the world and the use of tools such as the Positive Intelligence Mental Fitness and Flow assessments. Face-to-face sessions are also possible in Switzerland, in Geneva, Lausanne and Yverdon-les-Bains.

Who is this support designed for ?

People who have experienced cancer, a serious disease or are undergoing palliative treatment, who…

    • feel the need to reintegrate into active life after a more or less long absence
    • no longer see their job in the same light and wish to explore alternative paths
    • want to take stock – taking into account the physiological and psychological consequences of their treatment – and decide on a plan of action before returning to their work and social life
    • are uncertain about how to communicate with their professional, family and social environment

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Seeing cancer as a stepping stone

Revisit your personal values and discover a life that is even richer than before the disease.

This may seem surprising. Yet this is what most people who managed to became successful restarters after surviving cancer describe.

a huge rock wall that rises up in front of you

Impossible to avoid it ! So we gear up and we start to climb the wall, as best we can.

As we progress, we discover new constraints which we did not expect, new anxieties. We draw energy wherever possible. From the health professionals of course, from our family, friends, colleagues and the enterprise, when possible. And we move forward, stubbornly, little by little, with only one goal in mind: to reach the summit !

Several times we tell ourselves that we have finally reached the top. But that turns out to be only a small temporary plateau. So we keep going.

retrouner au travail après un cancer

And at last, here we are !

We are finally told that our palliative treatment is effective or even that our disease is in remission state. We tell ourselves that we have won, that we only have to go back down the other side of the mountain, on gentle slopes. We would like to turn the page as soon as possible. But…

Returning to the green valley is not as simple as it seems

Especially since people around us seem to think that everything can go on exactly as before. But we know that this is not possible.

We discover that our personal values, which have been guiding us until now, are no longer adapted to this new life after cancer. We also feel guilty, at times, for having been ill, for having “let go” of your colleagues and family. Not to mention the physical handicaps, the fatigue and the treatments that we may have to undergo. Our self-esteem, as well as our self-confidence, takes a good blow.

How I can support you

Professional coach, having gone through cancer myself, I can support you, I can support you, without stress and with serenity in :

    • taping into the energy that is within you
    • discovering and using the new abilities and skills that you have acquired, sometimes without knowing it, during your fight against the disease – determination, resilience, resistance, empathy, management of priorities, calmness, …
    • communicating your needs to your social, family and professional circles
    • reorganising your life according to your desires, needs and constraints
    • discovering how this experience can help you evolve towards a more humanist management
    • living in accordance with your personal values
    • undertaking a life or career transition
    • allowing you to regenerate your self-esteem and restore your confidence in your abilities
    • and finally, in reconsidering this episode of your life in view of what this experience can help you to achieve

The current priorities

To reintegrate as quickly as possible into your work environment, to regain maximum efficiency while taking into account new factors: adequacy of your position to your system of values, physiological constraints, balance between your professional and personal lives, career transition or adaptation.

The tools

Your experience, your emotions, your feelings, your system of values, your intuition and your determination to work out solutions will be essential and will serve as a common thread throughout our sessions.

Then come other tools, such as the InterQualia® Flow professional well-being and skills assessment, the Mental Fitness program, as well as many others from the world of professional coaching, transactional analysis, NLP or the Palo Alto School, and of course my experience as a professional coach and manager in big companies.

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