Coaching… What is it ?

Being supported by a coach is a way of exploring the potential buried deep inside ourselves, enhancing this potential at its best level of performance. It is about finding out who we really are and being able to go beyond the limits that we set on ourselves, out of habit most of the time.

Coaching addresses all the issues that we encounter in everyday life, whether it be in our private life or in professional life. It is a kind of ideas incubator, carrying energy and it is solutions oriented.

Neither therapy nor mentoring, coaching aims at developing optimal and personalized solutions, targeting the goals set by the coachee.

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Transition coaching… For whom ?

Specialising in the support of transition processes, be it in one’s private life or in a career transition – both of which frequently involve each other – my clients usually already benefit from an valuable life experience.

Executives, managers, entrepreneurs reaching a turning point in their lives, often related to the fulfillment of their initial professional or family goals, these women as well as men have a deep and sincere need to take a break, to reorient their future, to gain a new impulse and to recover control of their future.

  • what’s most important to me, now and here ?
  • what are my true values today ?
  • what do I need to change or adapt in my life ?
  • how will I get there ?
  • what does this choice imply ?

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what is coaching

Transition coaching… For what ?

A career transition, or a break-up process, does not mean rejecting what has been accomplished, often at the cost of countless sacrifices. It is rather a matter of building on what has been achieved in order to develop a new perspective

Whether you want to adapt your environment, start a transition project or initiate a break-up process, the choice is vast and will depend on your real capacities and needs.

The reasons most commonly given for undertaking a life or career transition project :

  • To be in adequacy with our values, to blossom and find a meaning to our professional activity, to find a work-life balance
  • Adapting to new personal or family constraints – divorce, getting remarried, children leaving home
  • Returning to work after a parental leave
  • The need to renew ourselves, to explore new challenges and new professional opportunities, to fight boreout
  • To correct a “mistake” in our path, often due to unavoidable obstacles at the time

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Coaching… How ?

The coaching is done through one to one discussions lasting from one hour to one hour and a half. These interviews can be conducted both face-to-face and via videoconferences (Skype, Zoom…).

The number of sessions is generally defined by mutual agreement during the first session, after having agreed on the objectives. It usually takes between 3 and 5 sessions to clarify a situation, make an informed decision or overcome an obstacle. 5 to 12 sessions are usually needed for larger situations that require more work and where the desired impact will affect decisive way on your way of life.

If new elements appear, their relevance will be reviewed together and any sessions reorganization will be agreed together.

These interviews are carried out thanks to a framework and tools of powerful questioning mastered by the coach, which allow you to discover, in you, your unsuspected resources.

You can interrupt the sessions at any time. You are under no obligation to continue if you decide that this does not suit you.

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Coaching… Where ?

The best is, for mental preparation reasons, that coachees attend one of our coaching practices. This gives coachees time to clear their mind from various business problems “clogging”.

Remote sessions (Skype, Zoom) are also a possibilities, especially when traveling time is a key issue, typically in case of an expatriation situation. Phone calls in some specific cases, like urgent situations, are also possible.

If necessary, it is also possible to perform the sessions on professional premises, provided a closed, quiet and secluded environment is available.

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The Coach… His mission

The coach performs a pro-active and time limited support. Its goal is the success, in autonomy, of the coachee’s projects.

The coach is in charge of the process, the coachee is responsible for the subject matter.

The coach works in accordance with the profession professional ethics, as defined by the International Coach Federation (ICF).

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