Holistic coaching… what is it ?

Holistic coaching is a systemic approach,
it’s about seeing the client and the issues she or he raises,
as an integral part of a whole, of a system

Holistic or Systemic, what difference… in a nutshell ?

A systemic approach means studying a given system, considering all its components in order to describe it.

The holistic approach considers the whole to be greater than the sum of its parts, like the work of a team, whose results are far greater than the sum of what each member could deliver if they worked individually. In management terms, this notion is more commonly known as synergy.

Holistic coaching therefore uses a systemic methodology to support the client, in order to identify highly synergistic solutions.

image of a climber on a rock face, guided by a coach who secures him with a climbing rope

Holistic coaching takes into account the client’s entire “system”, i.e. his body, mind and emotions, the environment in which the evolves and the interactions he or she has with this environment: family life, professional life, colleagues, superiors, corporate culture, leisure activities, etc. The coach is himself or herself integrated into this dynamic system. Thanks to this systemic, or holistic, approach, solutions can emerge in an optimal way.

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Coaching… it’s all about supporting you

Being supported by a coach is a great way to explore the potential buried deep in ourselves and to raise it to its optimal performance level, to discover who we really are and to be able to exceed the limits we impose on ourselves, often out of habit. The coach takes his client in a righteous spiral, with the client’s agreement and active participation.

Coaching addresses the whole range of issues that we encounter in our everyday life, whether in our private or professional life. It is a kind of ideas incubator, energy carriers, solution oriented.

Neither therapy nor mentoring, coaching is aimed at finding optimal and personalized solutions, focused on the objectives set by yourself!

Coaching… Where ?

Sessions take usually place via personal video conferencing (Skype, Zoom…). This very efficient way of proceeding also allows a significant time saving in terms of travel.

It is however also possible to organize face to  sessions in major cities in Switzerland or abroad if it is profitable or necessary. Do not hesitate to contact me and let me know your needs.

Holistic coaching… For whom ?

My clients – executives, entrepreneurs, self-employed people – have generally already gained significant life experience. Questioning their professional future, these women and men feel a deep need to take stock, to reorient their future, to take a new impetus and write the next perfect chapter of their career.

Coaching… How ?

The coaching is done through one to one discussions lasting from one hour to one hour and a half.

The number of sessions is generally defined by mutual agreement during the first session, after having agreed on the objectives. It usually takes between 3 and 5 sessions to clarify a situation, make an informed decision or overcome an obstacle. 5 to 12 sessions are usually needed for larger situations that require more work and where the desired impact will affect decisive way on your way of life.

If new elements appear, their relevance will be reviewed together and any sessions reorganization will be agreed together.

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The Coach… His mission

The coach performs a pro-active and time limited support.

Focused on career development and Mental Fitness techniques (Emotional Intelligence),
my goal is the success, in autonomy, of your search process and your project.

I’ll be the guardian of the creativity process. You, on the other hand, will freely decide on the content you wish to cover.

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