Reinventing your tomorrow

What do you dream to achieve ?

A fresh look at your career and life experience,

to succeed not only in your professional conversion,

but also with your life transition

professional conversion

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Professional Conversion – Career Retraining – Life Transition

Asking the right questions – Seizing the right opportunities

It’s an assessment we all make at some point in our life: we are poorly prepared for the various crises and break-up situations we encounter in our lives. Sometimes we don’t even know how to seize the opportunities that come our way.

Most of the time, we find ourselves alone in front of our doubts, our hopes, our dreams, in facing irony, skepticism and criticism from those around us.

A deeply changing world

A job that no longer meets our needs, a company undergoing major transformation (relocation, merger, split) …

… the desire for a professional conversion, a career retraining, a life transition …

… returning to professional work after a parental break, a divorce, kids becoming independent …

retraining at 40 or 50

… So many break-up situations, wanted or endured, by the majority of us …

It takes clear ideas, courage and tenacity to embark on such a process… and to succeed !

Intelligence Positive

your self-confidence

Test your Positive Intelligence Quotient (PQ) and find out what is holding you back, who your self-Saboteurs are

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For you who need to :

  • know where you stand with your career and your life
  • Reconcile your core area of expertise with the requirements of your management position
  • reinvent your future, realize your dreams and aspirations, according to your own criteria
  • understand what's at stakes and are ready to venture beyond your comfort zone
  • be clear about your motivations and are ready to explore the alternatives
Free introductory discussion

The first contact and the problem description, generally lasting between half an hour and 45 minutes, is free of charge, with no obligation to carry on with a working session if you do not wish to do so

Can be stopped at any time
Coaching sessions can be stopped at any time, either because you've reached your goal faster than expected or because you simply don't feel like it anymore
Number of sessions agreed upon

The number of sessions, for a given theme, is agreed during the first session. If new themes arise during the sessions, we will analyse them together and decide whether or not to adapt the number of sessions

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