Coaching – What for ?

Last update: 04 May 2024

what’s the point of a coach?

a cook chef with his assistant, holding a pack of spices
image of an aromat seasoning sachet, replaced by the term coaching, enhance the taste of your dishes

This is usually one of the first questions I get asked when I introduce myself. Coaches can be found in almost every conceivable field. From the “slimming” coach to the “cook” coach, including the “make-up” coach.

Moreover, the distinction between coaches, therapists and mentors is not always easy to define, as the differences tend to be subtle.

And then there are coaches – often certified by a recognized organization – who will support your progress towards the objective you have chosen, encouraging you to discover deep within yourself the mechanisms, ideas, emotions, limiting thoughts and real motivations that condition your progress. Whether in the field of private life – these coaches are generally referred to as “life coaches” – or in the professional field or in companies.

The range of coaching possibilities is wide :

  • develop your management skills, acquire new skills or prepare for retirement
  • decide on the terms and conditions of a job change, a career or even a life transition
  • assess the situation during a disruption, whether it is when the children leave, during a separation or, on the opposite, when a partnership is planned
  • rebalance your private life and professional activities
  • achieve an objective that is close to your heart and that you have been pushing back for years….

As for me, I focus on career development and the techniques to grow our Emotional Intelligence competencies in order to successfully reach our career goals.

“Can I not be my own coach?”

Yes, of course you could ! After all, after all this years, you have learned to sail and you have done very well on your own so far.
image of a wooden footbridge over wild moorland

Is it always effective to be your own coach?

Didn’t you sometimes have the feeling, when you thought you were leaving for a beautiful expedition to discover yourselves, that you were finally only flying over the field of possibilities like an airline pilot: too high to capture the details, too fast to fully enjoy them and above all the feeling of not having the choice of the destination.

A coach will first help you define the real need behind your stated goal. Is it about reaching a quantifiable target? or feeling an emotion? sharing a state of mind? letting off steam? asserting yourself? going further and exploring your limits? or “just” feeling better?

Together with you he will then explore your experiences, your resistances, your limiting thoughts, your successes and your joys. He will guide you in discovering your strengths, hidden resources and potential, allowing you to achieve your goal in the most effective way possible. He will help you to obtain personalized and concrete solutions with tangible impacts.

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