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Career Coach
Executives, Entrepreneurs and Self-employed

Career transition and professional reorientation coach,

personal development

ACC ICF certified life coach

career transition coaching

In a nutshell :

How I can help you

In case of professional retraining, career restructuring after an illness, difficulties in professional and family relationships, crisis situations, stress or doubts related to a professional change – team change, management change, job change, company change or life transition – or to a family relationship upheaval related to the professional situation.

Who can benefit from my services ?

For executives, entrepreneurs and self-employed ready to invest seriously and ready to leave their comfort zone to achieve their goal.

For managers and HR who wish to support their employees and teams achieve greater success and professional performance by offering them the possibility of identifying dysfunctions and areas for improvement.

What can you expect from my services ?

How can we do this ?

In what format ?

Usually by videoconferencing sessions all over the world. Face-to-face sessions are also welcome for companies throughout Europe or individuals in Switzerland, in Lausanne and Yverdon-les-Bains (Geneva on request).

Book an appointment for a free, no strings attached exploration session,
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You like above all a job well done and you want it to be useful to others.

You are attentive to the feelings and needs of your teams and partners. You have a high Emotional Intelligence potential and you have learned to trust your intuitions, which you know how to use successfully. But the changes underway demotivate you and you no longer feel recognized in your vision of the job.

You are motivated, pragmatic, autonomous and you are often a source of inspiration for the people around you.

You are efficient and you make sure to achieve the objectives set with your teams. You are able to mobilize a lot of energy to solve a problem that you consider important. To the point of getting stuck or perhaps doing too much. The stress induced by the current changes makes you fear burnout.

You are flexible and adaptable.

You know how to bring consensual solutions to relationship problems. However, you increasingly have the impression that you are not being listened to.

And now you feel that you need to take stock...
and develop a new approach to find the right solutions for your evolution.

In order to achieve that, you need a customized support
focused on your specific issue

A stimulating support, in tune with your personality

You will be supported in putting your issues into perspective, discovering and capitalizing on the opportunities of these challenges. I will also support you in the implementation of your decisions, boosting your motivation and self-confidence. You will benefit from my in-depth experience of critical professional issues, requiring clear and sometimes difficult choices, as well as my experience as a professional coach. You will always be in control of your choices, in line with your values.

Efficient tools adapted to your needs

You will also benefit from special tools at a competitive rate, such as the Mental Fitness Program – a Positive Intelligence program allowing you to significantly improve your emotional reactivity to external events, as well as your relationships with your colleagues. Or the The Flow - a professional well-being assessment tool that assesses the quality of your well-being at work and suggests ways to improve it.

Sessions lenght adapted to your workload

Reminder sessions are also offered, as well as "flash" sessions to allow you to unblock an immediate situation, in conjunction with or subsequent to a support program.

Experience a complimentary exploratory session
before embarking on an in-depth work.

Systemic support

Personalised support, not to be confused with a therapy, to explore your entire ecosystem to better understand, clarify and achieve your objectives, improve your skills and performance.

The Systemic Coach

A trustworthy support, a true participative observer facilitating a kind of augmented reality vision, not only including the elements directly related to the issue at hand, but also all the surrounding factors.

Comprehensive and deep, the systemic approach helps you to stimulate your thinking, confront your apprehensions, uncover your potential for action and achieve your goals with confidence and serenity. (...more)

Efficient and motivating

Coaching allows you to unleash your potential, set yourself achievable goals and achieve them efficiently

Co-creative and personalised

Coaching focuses on listening to your personal needs and goals, allowing co-creative solutions enhanced by mutual ideas and experiences

Respectful and confidential

No judgment is ever made, be it cultural, ethnic, sexual, political, religious or philosophical. Let yourself be yourself !

career transition support

A trustful relationship is really important. To make sure we can work together, to make sure you can tell me about your problems. That's why the first contact session is free of charge. You then have the choice to carry on, or not 😉

Need more information ?

Please contact me or book directly an appointment for a free online or by phone introductory talk

and tell me about your needs !

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Affiliation : International Coach Federation (ICF) ACC certified coach Member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF)

Certification : Coaching Square Swiss   Coaching Square Swiss certified

Career coaching for executives, entrepreneurs and self-employed. Life and career transition, job issues. Positive Intelligence Mental Fitness coach, Flow assessment. ICF certified life coach. InterQualia skills assessment consultant. Online sessions and offices in Switzerland - Geneva, Lausanne and Yverdon-les-Bains. France & Canada
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