Improve your mental strength

Mental fitness coach

Achieve your goals
Develop performance and enhance well-being
Build resilience

image d'un P majuscule bleu avec le signe plus pour le coaching en Intelligence positive

Why strengthen your mind ?

Building and strengthening mental strength is :

    • reacting positively rather than negatively
      to challenges in your personal and  professional life
    • rebounding more quickly after a setback
      i.e. developing resilience
    • promoting peace of mind
      and improving well-being
    • positive relationships
      with colleagues and family
    • optimal performance

How are you going to be coached ?

    • a free assessment
      without any commitment and independent of any coaching formula, to discover your main Saboteurs in details
    • a “mental fitness” program
      using a smartphone application
    • personalised support
      throughout your 6-week program

Who is this mental fitness tool for ?

For those who want to learn more about how they operate and who wants to gain control over their mind.

For those who wish to strengthen their mind and bounce back in their professional, family and social life.

What can you expect from the mental fitness coaching program ?

Whether in addition to a coaching program or followed independently, this mental fitness program will enable you to get :

    • intimate understanding
      of one’s behaviour in various life situations
    • better perception
      of the circumstances of the problem, of the behavior of the other actors and of yourself
    • leadership
      with a more powerful impact
    • boosted success rate
      for your projects
    • restored self-confidence

How my coaching will help you

By supporting you on an individual basis to strengthen your mind and develop your resilience on an issue that is close to your heart through personalised coaching sessions.

Develop your Positive Intelligence Quotient (PQ),
and tap into the full potential of your life’s challenges

Find out who is sabotaging you,
take the test

Mesure your mental fitness,
PQ score assessment

drawing of a neuron, showing the neuronal path between a positive and a negative emotion decision

To develop new neural connections –  a real “brain training” – to adopt more appropriate, positive and efficient behavior patterns, this is the straightforward principle of the Positive Intelligence Mental Fitness program.

This mental training will help you master the flow of your limiting thoughts –those little voices whispering to you that you won’t succeed, that it’s better not to change anything or that you won’t find a job as interesting again – boost confidence in your talents and help you adopt new behaviours that will unleash your true potential, with immediate and lasting results on your performance and well-being, and on your family and social relationships.

A tailor-made coaching program

Whether you decide to take advantage of extended coaching sessions, or whether you prefer to start with the Mental Fitness program only, the content is the same:

    • the Saboteurs test, with detailed report
    • the official 6-week mental fitness program
    • 1 weekly video to be viewed on your mobile app
    • three 2-minute challenges, 4 days a week, designed to fit easily into your day, with a daily focus
    • the “PQ Positive Intelligence” smartphone app, so you can train and measure your progress online
    • personalised support, within a small local team of participants (3 to 5 people) or individually as part of a coaching program
    • and, if you are not yet following a coaching program, a free hour of coaching (videoconference) at the end of the program, totally focused on you, on a subject of your choice.

copie d'écran de l'application de Mental Fitness montrant lécran d'accueil, les lettres PQ sur fond bleu

copie d'écran de l'application de Mental Fitness montrant le tableau de bord de l'app

copie d'écran de l'application de Mental Fitness montrant des exemples du travail contre les Saboteurs

copie d'écran de l'application Mental Fitness montrant les exercices du Sage

copie d'écran de l'application Mental Fitness montrant des exemples d'exercices quotidiens

copie d'écran de l'application Mental Fitness montrant un focus du jour

copie d'écran de l'application Mental Fitness montrant les thèmes traités

Positive Intelligence App screenshots

As a Certified Positive Intelligence Mental Fitness Coach, I am able to offer you a preferential rate and provide you with personalised support.

You take no risks :
I offer a 100% money-back guarantee
during the first 15 days of the program!

Share the program with your family and colleagues

For a greater benefit, set up your own pod with a few colleagues, friends or family members, and get again a discount.

Take this opportunity to develop a new team spirit.

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