Mental Fitness Program

Positive Intelligence

an effectve additional tool for :

  • managing work-related issues in a different way
  • keeping stressful situations under control
  • improving one’ s relationship to work and to colleagues
positive intelligence influences

In a nutshell :

What is Mental Fitness? ?

Generally speaking, Mental Fitness is your ability to react positively rather than negatively to challenges in your professional or private life, thus promoting peace of mind, healthy relationships and optimal performance.

What can you expect from the mental fitness program ?

Whether in addition to a coaching program or followed independently, this mental coaching program will enable you to get :

  • a peaceful approach of the current situation
  • a better perception of the circumstances of the problem, of the behavior of the other actors and of yourself
  • a restored self-confidence
  • a leadership with a more powerful impact

In what format ?

  • a free test and assessment, without any commitment and independent of any coaching formula, to discover your main Saboteurs in details
  • a “mental fitness” program using a smartphone application

How can mental fitness be useful to you ?

Disruptions in the work environment – team changes, management problems, reassignment, relocation, life transition – or experiencing a severe health problem, often generate mental confusion, doubts, fears, loss of self-confidence and resistance to change. Learning to identify the positive factors allows for a different perception of the problem and helps develop appropriate solutions.

Who is this tool for ?

For managers wishing to sharpen their leadership skills and to HR  wishing to offer their employees personal reflections aimed at better understanding their personality and their behaviors in order to increase their self-knowledge and work on improving their relationships with others and with circumstances.

Anyone who wants to learn more about how they operate and who wants to gain control over their mind.

How I can support you

I can provide you with several formulas, from the simple use of the test result as a starting point for a support program, to a step-by-step coaching in sync with a specific program for a specific issue of your choice, through the support of a team of participants that you will have formed yourself.

Take the test* and get a free assessment,
book an appointment for a free exploratory session or contact me to tell me about your needs

*No information will be communicated to me without your explicit agreement.

Develop your Positive Intelligence Quotient (PQ), and tap into the full potential of your life’s challenges

Positive Intelligence Saboteurs Sage
Since childhood we learn to adopt behaviors allowing us to provide optimal solutions to integrate ourselves in society, using whatever we are best at. Whether it is to please our parents, our teachers, to make friends… and to protect us from our enemies.

In our adult life, this “survival” behavior is not anymore really appropriate, the experience we have accumulated in the meantime allowing us, in theory, to assess the situation in order to adopt a more adequate behavior.

But here’s the thing… habit, routines, have built up a neural pattern that has been reinforced over time. Pushed beyond certain limits, our behavior will literally end up sabotaging our best intentions. The result is stress, poor professional and private relationships, and declining performances.









Surpass your limits









science of positivity
This is the basic principle of Positive Intelligence Mental Fitness: to develop new neural connections, a real “brain training”, to adopt more appropriate, positive and efficient behavior patterns.
It will help you master the flow of your limiting thoughts, regain your self-confidence and adopt new behaviors releasing your true potential, resulting in more effective professional communications, healthy and peaceful family relationships and optimized performances.

A customised program

As a registered Positive Intelligence Coach, I can offer you a personalised program based on the most appropriate Positive Intelligence principles for the resolution of your issues, at an attractive price.

Share the program with your family and colleagues

For a greater benefit, set up your own pod with a few colleagues, friends or family members, and get a discount for each new participant at the same time.

Take advantage of this opportunity to develop a new team spirit and better relationships.

Book a free online meeting with me or get in touch for additional information

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