Dear Andreas,
At the end of my career I had the pleasure to share the path with you and the Poders with the program “Positive Intelligence”.
Discovering this refreshing toolbox has awakened our curiosity and inspired our actions and reactions to the diversity of our colleagues. A new way of interacting has appeared to us: it is possible to break away from the usual prejudices and take some distance.
Focusing on oneself, taking small moments to break away, preparing for challenges in managing our interactions, these are the issues.
Thus, the always busy days will be interrupted and we catch our physical and mental breath. We learn to be kind to ourselves.
The exercises have accompanied me daily and I have been enthusiastically looking for new paths at the work and personal level.
Thanks to the Poders – I remember with joy our warm and sincere sharing times.
Thank you to Andreas for having accompanied us, listened to us, guided us!