The Flow – Professional Well-Being

InterQualia® Skills Assessment coach

How are things at work today ?

How could it be better ?

InterQualia skills assessment wheel, representing performance and quality of life as a function of the level of challenge of a task and skill level

What is the InterQualia® professional assessment ?

The InterQualia® professional well-being assessment helps you to become concretely aware of what does, or can, make you happy at work, and suggests ways of improving to achieve an ideal, more effective situation – a so-called Flow* situation.

It is based on the Flow* theory of psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, leader of the Positive Psychology movement.

What to expect from the InterQualia® skills assessment? ?

The Flow InterQualia® assessment will help you to :
    • take stock of your current professional situation
    • project yourself in a professional future where you would really enjoy yourself
    • find ways to get there
    • regain your self-confidence
    • develop your skills and creativity
    • take control of your professional development

For whom is the InterQualia® skills assessment intended ?

Executives who :

    • wishes to take stock of his or her professional situation
    • intends to improve his / her quality of life at work
    • is looking to carry out a to develop his / her career
    • undertakes a life transition
    • is returning to the workplace after a prolonged absence

In what format ?

    • a survey to analyze your current status and to project an ideal situation
    • a detailed status report
    • practical suggestions for achieving the ideal situation, whether in your current position, in the event of a change of position or job
    • a personal follow-up on the implementation of your choices (if you have chosen to follow a coaching program)

* Flow is a mental state of full and complete satisfaction in the practice of an activity. This state is characterized by, among other things, an intense concentration, the loss of notion of time, the feeling of being in control, the notion of surpassing oneself and to progress.

InterQualia’s® job well-being assessment – Understanding what needs to change

The InterQualia® Assessment helps you to become aware of the emotional states caused by the accomplishment of various activities and to understand which activities can enable you to live in Flow* – to be happier in what you do and to feel a harmony between being and doing – whether in your current position or in the new activity you are seeking.

How is it today ?
How should it be ?
How can I get there ?

InterQualia® skills assessment – A dynamic instrument

In a second phase, the InterQualia® Assessment suggests areas for improvement, activities or skills that should be emphasised or, on the contrary, reduced.

InterQualia logo showing the outline of a face in cross-section
page of an InterQualia report with recommendations for behavior change in the execution of various tasks

The basics of well-being at work :

Meaning + Pleasure + Progression =  Flow *

InterQualia® Benefits – A tool to better live your professional life

The InterQualia® Assessment is the ideal starting point for your reflection process aimed at your professional development and thus enables you to build a career strategy, to operate a career transition, adapt your work environment or your positioning within the company.

The InterQualia® Assessment is evolutive and does not lock you in a box.

You are not the same person as yesterday, and not the same person as tomorrow. Unlike other skills assessments, InterQualia® Assessment presents you with a snapshot of your current situation and suggests ways to evolve in the direction you have chosen. Repeated at regular intervals, it allows you to measure your progress towards your objective.

Know to Do  ⇒  Know to Be  ⇒  Know to Become

Especially useful in cases of career repositioning or a career evolution driven by a redefinition of one’s personal values, the InterQualia well-being assessment enables you to :

    • identify your strengths
    • understand what motivates you
    • ease the re-positioning of your job
    • balance your professional and personal lives
    • take stock of the current situation before a change of job or a professional reorientation
    • project yourself into a professional future that matches your values

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