The Flow – Professional Well-Being

InterQualia® Skills Assessment

How are things at work today ?

How could it be better ?

The Flow - Interqualia skills assessment

In a nutshell :

What is the InterQualia® professional assessment ?

Based on a personal survey, InterQualia’s professional assessment assesses your current professional situation and to project yourself into a future that is closer to your aspirations, by tapping into activities you enjoy, and therefore are good at.

What to expect from this work ?

Based on the Flow theory of Hungarian psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihaly, leader of the Positive Psychology movement, the InterQualia assessment enables you to become concretely aware of what makes you, or can make you, happy at work and suggests ways to improve your situation in order to reach an ideal and more efficient Flow state.

How can the Flow assessment help you ?

To assess your current job, your feelings about the tasks you perform, your work environment and to project yourself in a position where you would really enjoy doing your job. To keep, or regain, self-confidence and control over your personal development.

Who is the InterQualia® skills assessment for ?

For managers or HR who wish to support their employees towards greater success and professional performance by offering them ways of identifying levers for their well-being at work.

Anyone currently employed who wants to assess their situation and seriously want to improve their quality of life at work.

In what format ?

  • a survey to analyze your current status and to project an ideal situation
  • a detailed status report
  • practical suggestions for achieving the ideal situation, whether in your current position, in the event of a change of position or job.

How I can support you

Ideally carried out within the framework of a coaching program, the Flow assessment will serve as a guideline in a process of quality improvement of your professional life, in which I will guide you in a co-creative mindset.

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Based on the Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience theory developed by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, the InterQualia® Skills Assessment is a powerful tool.

It helps to assess your strengths that are not necessarily related to a learned technique – which could also be called talents, qualities or soft-skills – relevant to your professional situation, whether as an individual or within a team or company.

book flow Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

A person in a Flow state :

  • has confidence in her/hisself
  • is perseverant and stress resilient
  • is motivated by the activity itself
  • experiences pleasure doing what she/he does
  • is creative and effective
  • develops its potential optimally

InterQualia® skills assessment – Understanding what needs to change

On an individual basis, the InterQualia® Assessment helps you to become aware of the emotional states caused by the accomplishment of various activities and to understand which ones can allow you to live in the Flow – to be happy in what you do and to feel harmony between being and doing – whether in your current position or in a planned occupation.

How is it today ?  How should it be ?  How can I get there ?

Used as part of team or even of an entire company management, the InterQualia® Assessment provides an emotional health evaluation of the organization and an understanding of how the entity and its components react to activities assigned to it.

InterQualia® skills assessment – A dynamic instrument

In a second phase, the InterQualia® Assessment suggests areas for improvement, activities or skills that should be emphasised or, on the contrary, reduced.

InterQualia brochure
Recommandations d'améliorations du bilan InterQualia

InterQualia® Benefits – An instrument to fight absenteeism and presenteeism

The InterQualia® Assessment is the ideal starting point for your reflection process aimed at your professional development and thus enables you to build a career strategy, whether it is to operate a career transition, adapt your work environment or your positioning within the company.
The InterQualia® Assessment is evolutive and does not lock you in a box. You are not the same person as yesterday, and not the same person as tomorrow. Unlike other skills assessments, InterQualia® Assessment presents you with a snapshot of your current situation and suggests ways to evolve in the direction you have chosen. Repeated at regular intervals, it allows you to measure your progress towards your objective.

As an individual

  • identifying your talents
  • understand what motivates you
  • eases the re-positioning of your job
  • enable a work-life balance
  • draw up a situation assessment before changing jobs or operating a career transition

At a team organisational level

  • develop the potential and the motivate of your team
  • facilitate talent management and continuity
  • understand the emotional workings of the team
  • foster employees loyalty
  • prevent absenteeism and presenteeism
As a manager, you will be able to draw up an action plan based on InterQualia’ Team Assessment recommendations, whether it is to reposition employees according to their talents, adapt the job description for optimal group performance or recruit employees to complete your team’s talents mosaic.

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